2021 Spring semester Application for Graduate School and Documents Submission

Graduate School Degree
Name(Korean) Resident(Alien) Registration No. -

    ◎ Written consent of personal information collection and usage
    • Purpose of personal information collection and usage
      • -The Graduate School of Kookmin University collects and uses personal information of applicants for admission purposes.
    • Details of personal information to be collected
      • -The personal information needed are the following: name; resident registration number; gender; nationality; address; contact information (email, mobile phone and home phone number); employment information; military service; academic background (university/graduate school, major, date of graduation/to be graduated, degree number); and career.
    • Storing of personal information and period of usage
      • -The collected personal information shall be stored for ten years as the reference of admission or proof of fact.
    • The right to refuse consent and its disadvantages
      • -It is possible to refuse consent on the collection and usage of personal data. However, in case of refusing consent, there may be limits in the admission process.
      • -Note that any personal information after entering Kookmin University shall be transferred to the register of the university database and will be used for the purposes of education, research, administration, university life (library, student ID), and information provision.
        I hereby certify that the above information is understood and the collection and usage of my personal information are consented. Yes No
    ◎Consent on the collection and usage of identification information
    • The identification information (resident registration number and alien registration number) are collected for admission purposes and in case of refusing consent, there may be limits to the admission process.
        Do you agree with the collection of your identification information? Yes No
    ◎Consent on the provision of personal information to third party
      Recipient of personal information Purpose of using personal information by the recipient Personal information to be provided Period of storage and use of the personal information received
      University/Graduate school Assess academic background of successful applicants Name; year/date/month of birth; undergraduate/graduate; major; date of graduation/to be graduated; degree number Until achieving the intended purpose
    • You have the right to refuse providing your personal information to a third party. However, in case of refusing to give consent, admission can be canceled and there may be limits in the admission process.
        Do you agree to provide your personal information to a third party? Yes No


Application Date Document Admission Fees Registered (Y/N) Registration Date

    Notes for application
  1. Review thoroughly the announcement and guidelines for the admission at the website of Kookmin University before writing the application letter.
  2. Select the graduate school and course that you wish to apply for.
  3. Enter the name and resident registration number (without leaving any blanks) and click the button for application form.
  4. Enter the details at the screen of the application form and click the ‘Save’ button.
  5. Reminder: It is not possible to revise the application once the application form has been filled and submitted.
  6. Print out the application form and admission ticket
    • - Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Print > Print Background Colors and Images
    • - Internet Explorer > File > Page Setup > Check ‘Empty’ for Header and Footer > Margins (Right: 10, Left: 10, Top: 5.25, Bottom: 6.94 mm)
  7. After submitting the internet application, it is possible to verify the application status by checking the status of document submission and admission fee.
  8. Setting for Internet Explorer 10
    • Internet Explorer > Tools > Check Compatibility View